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May 6, 2013

DIY Glitter Makeup Brush Holder

I don't know if you noticed my glitter brush holder when I posted about my battle station but it's one of my favorite parts of my little makeup area.

I was inspired by several posts on /r/makeupaddiction and just HAD to make my own.

I had this cute little vase (which reminds me of a fishbowl but is FAR too small for any fish to live in, in my own personal opinion) that I would use when I went through my weird "I'm going to paint things" phase. It took FOREVER to clean out because the inside looked like a Jackson Pollock painting. In other news, you can just buy something similar at the dollar store or a thrift shop.

I then coated the inside with Modge Podge and dumped a small bottle of gold glitter into the bowl/vase and rolled it around. DO THIS OVER NEWSPAPER or you will end up with glitter literally everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere.

Let it dry overnight and voila!

Mine needs a little touching up around the rim but I love it a lot and it keeps my brushes from getting smushed because I'm a messy person and if I didn't have this.... oh man.

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