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June 24, 2016

Because Who Wouldn't Want To Look Like Marie Antoinette?

So as an up and coming freshman at college going to study history, you could only imagine my love for makeup trends and applications through about each and every time period in history. Some days I wake up and think it would look cool to be a Greek goddess and others I do an Egyptian thing. Today, it happened to be 18th century France.
!8th century s one of my favorite time periods in American history, yett there wasn't a lot going on in the makeup area there, so I turn to France for that one thanks to my good friend Marie here.

So that's what I did. I made myself into a pretty close recreation of her look with a bit of a modern twist.

I know, Allison, Damn, that blush though.
I know, you're thinking I look crazy, but trust me, it's pretty freaking amazing. 

I did a lot of research on this topic, meaning I watched a YouTube video of my favorite lady to watch as far as historically accurate makeup goes:

And of course I didn't go full out, but I did lighten my very tan skin. Because I am tan for once in my life. 
I also found the same picture that she had just about and I translated each of the places for the beauty patches and found out that where the mark is on the side of my face that I always end up using concealer on would make me passionate, as I went with it and that's what I did. Instead of using eyeliner, though,I made mine with a piece of an index card I colored black with a sharpie,cut it out and used eyelash glue to glue it onto my face over the mole think on the side of my face. 
Here's the pucture you can translate if you speak french, or if you took 5 years of it in high school like me, you can use google translate like I did.

<3 Allison

January 29, 2016

Makeup Inspiration: Labyrinth

So in memory of David Bowie, I decided to watch Labyrinth over my week ling snowcation and i have to say that I enjoyed it far too much. So I couldn't help but recreate a loosely based look on Bowie's makeup. So, that's what I did

I did this look as an inspiration and not as a recreation. therefore, I left out the insane eyebrows and just did mine in with my light brown eyebrow powder, to semi-match Bowie's hair color in the film. For the eyes, everything you see online says that the ees are cream based but for my lacking makeup collection, I used eyeshaadow instead, but or the most pigmentation, use creams. I used my Wet N Wild Don't Steal My Thunder Palette for the white and black shadows and starting with the white, I out that literally all over my lid and angled it off at the end of my eyebrow and then I took the black and lined it from the outer edge of my eye and curved it up to my brow. brow. I blended that slightly, but not enough for it not ho be a harsh line. I lined my eyes and put on a lot of mascara. 
for my face, I contoured and highlighted in order to try to make my face look more angular instead of round, because Bowie's face is rather chiseled and mine is not. I used my elf shimmering facial whip to highlight my cheekbones and nose and used mu NYC bronzer to contour under my cheekbones  
I put on my lips, my elf lipstick in Party in The Buff and a nude gloss over top, because his lips were glossy as I don't eve know.
He was quite the sassy goblin king.
This dance. I'm sorry Amy for cluttering yp the blog, but I do what I want, lol
<3 Allison

January 23, 2016

The Dupe Struggle

So as I mentioned in my Grunge makeup post, I use a matte medium brown all over my lid, and although I don't do full out grunge eyes every day, I do like the look the matte colors give my eyes. Tight now I am using the third shade in my Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 palette, which works great, but I am afraid of running out of that shade soon and want to get a new shadow without buying the whole new palette, because all of the other shades are still really full in that palette.

And as you can see, the Iconic 1 is the equivalent to the Naked palette from Urban Decay. SO that had me thinking that I could just buy Naked by itself because I knew it wasn't exclusive just to that palette. So I looked it up and this is what I found:

I AM NOT SPENDING 19 DOLLARS ON AN EYE SHADOW! I want this color and I want a matte brown so bad though! So thus began my ridiculous online hunt for a dupe for Urban Decay's Naked eye shadow
Now if you type in dupes for Urban Decay Naked, all you get is dupes for the palette, and that is more frustrating than anything. So first, I tried to find a Wet N Wild shadow, since that is my favorite, but nothing was striking me, so I mewed on. My mom said she had a Milani shadow that looked similar, but upon further inspection, we found out that it was a satin-matte color and that will simply not do. 
I don;t want to buy a whole new palette but all of the browns that look remotely right are all really shimmery and I can't find anything I really like. This is becoming a real struggle. And i thought I just had a few, but as I was inserting pictures into this post, I found swatches online that revealed them to be shimmery. ERRRRRR!
Someone haw any ideas?

<3 Allison

January 21, 2016

90's Grunge is a thing again

So i'm not gonna lie, but I really actually like this. I own a wrong amount of flannel shirts, 3 Nirvana albums, and have been smudging my eyeliner. So I decided, since I have been slacking on the blog lately, I would actually do a post about my new favorite look. Now I haven't done anything this extreme before and will not wear something like this out of the hose, But the thought of it is really cool to be honest.

So I started it all off with my Rimmel Stay Matte foundation with my real techniques miracle complexion sponge, which makes me look pale and dead and my stay matte powder and made myself look like a white matte ghost (which if you're really going for the grunge look and not the fake grunge look, is what you should look like).Then I did some light contour to make look sickly, but not enough to make e look like I went out in the dun. I filled in my eyebrows like normal, then primed my eyes to ready for the large amount of medium matte brown shadow I put everywhere, I put a deeper matte brown in the crease and blended it. I also put a bit of both colors under the eye too. I next lined the eyes completely black with an elf eye pencil and did my water and tight line as well. Curl the lashes and put on a ton of mascara! Look like you just rolled out of bed, nothing is perfect.

Then I used my elf moisturizing lipstick in party in the buff on the lips and put more powder over that so that no shimmer is left anywhere on your face. If you're dead, you can't have moisture on the lips. None of that!

 Add cool lighting and some Instagram filters, and you'll be set!

<3 Allison

November 11, 2015

This is Halloween

This year I was, once again Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, and this year I went all out, becasue I could. And this is what happened....

Surprised, aren't you? We knew you'd be!

Just thought I'd share my terrifying pictures of me with no eyebrows with you. Just because I could...

<3 Allison
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